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In-car internet the next big thing
05.01.2012 13:35:46

A survey of car manufacturer bosses by management consultancy firm KPMG has revealed how close we are to in-vehicle internet access.

The survey aims to predict future trends, and nearly 40% of the 200 car company executives questions said that in-car infotainment was as important as safety. The survey shows the next big innovations are speech recognition and constant internet connectivity via 3G or wifi.

KPMG’s head of automotive in the UK, John Leech, said: “Global car executives believe that as consumers become accustomed to instant access at home and in the office, they will expect the same services when on the move in their vehicles. In the future, connectivity will not simply be a ‘nice to have’ feature, but an intrinsic part of a vehicle.”

Leech cites Toyota’s deal with Intel, announced at the end of last year, as the first of a new wave of collaborations that will see car makers teaming up with firms such as Microsoft, Google and Apple to create new gadgets and features.

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