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Motorists 'need to update Highway Code knowledge'
06.01.2012 23:35:59

Drivers in the UK should update their knowledge of the Highway Code on a regular basis, it has been suggested.

Kevin Clinton, head of road safety at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, noted UK motoring environments and conditions are changing all the time.

The industry figure pointed out the Highway Code is updated often, while road users can tend to be a little complacent when at the wheel.

Revisiting the rules and regulations may therefore prove a worthwhile exercise for those keen to stay abreast of any changes and eager not to fall foul of altered laws.

Mr Clinton said: "We recommend that everyone buys a copy of the latest Highway Code every few years, or reads it on the Directgov website, to keep themselves up to date."

His comments come after new research compiled by motor oil company Castrol revealed an alarming lack of understanding regarding road rules in the UK, with two-thirds of drivers regularly confused by basic road signs.

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Relaxation of road sign rules and bureaucracy welcomed
29.12.2011 12:29:27

NEW Government rules will mean local councils have more say and flexibility when siting new road signs, including 20mph zones.

The plans were put before Parliament by Transport Minister Norman Baker to ensure councils will no longer need Whitehall approval to introduce certain new signs.

Mr Baker said: “I am bringing an end to the ludicrous situation where councils have to come to central government for permission to put up signs they need to use on a regular basis to manage their roads.

“This will also allow them to more easily introduce new signs - like those which will prevent satnavs directing huge lorries down narrow country lanes.

By adding these signs to the list of those which councils can use without needing Whitehall approval we will be reducing costs and bureaucracy as well making sure that the needs of 21st century drivers and cyclists are met.”

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The Highway Code wants to be your friend
28.12.2011 20:02:07

The DSA has introduced the Highway Code to Facebook and Twitter in a bid to remind motorists and other road users of the rules of the road.

Updates and advice from the code are published daily by the agency

The DSA said: “It is important that all road users are aware of the code and are considerate towards each other. This applies to pedestrians as much as to drivers and riders.

“Knowing and applying the rules contained in the Highway Code could significantly reduce road casualties. Cutting the number of deaths and injuries that occur on our roads every day is a responsibility we all share.”

You can follow the Highway Code on Twitter and Facebook.

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